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Sparkling Blood Orange - Premium E-liquid

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Sparkling blood orange with a distinct touch and delicate citrusy notes. Tangy, sweet and deliciously refreshing. 

75 VG/ 25 PG.


Vegetable Glycerin (VG) - USP Kosher food grade:

Vegetable glycerin is a derivative of palm oil and is plant-based. This USP certified, viscous liquid provides a thick cloud of vapor and has a light, sweet taste

Propylene Glycol - USP Kosher:

Propylene glycol is used to dilute liquid nicotine for e-liquid. It is a colorless, odorless substance and does not alter the flavor of e-liquid. Being that it is water-based, it is relatively thin in consistency and is more easily absorbed by the polyfill fabric inside the cartomizer of the e-cigarettes. This provides that "throat hit" that smokers look for, similar to tobacco

Nicotine - Varies:

vaping-grade, liquid nicotine -  FDA approved. Naturally extracted from tobacco plants and never synthetically produced.

Organic Flavors:

Our organic flavor contains NO artificial ingredients. They are water soluble flavors made in a base of Organic Ethyl Alcohol & USDA Certified Organic ingredients: Water, Organic Ethyl Alcohol, Natural and Organic Plant and Vegetable Extracts 

Artificial Flavors:

Natural & artificial flavors are used to create robust and complex e-liquid flavors. These flavors are all food grade quality and we pride ourselves on creating complex recipes & not using just "off the shelf" flavors with just one flavor ingredient.

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