Biodyne Live Yeast Cell Derivative (LYCD) For Puffy Eyes

The word Biodyne comes from the Greek words bios (life) and dyne (force).

The Theory Of Cell Injury

When cells experience destruction or injury, some will create hormones which stimulate cellular multiplication so the tissues heal. It’s like a community picking up the pieces to help an individual in trouble.

Dr Sperti’s group, who chanced upon Biodyne, found they could isolate a ‘reproductive stimulating substance’ from the dead tissue.

They were able to isolate three different materials:

  • Those who hasten the cellular metabolism of sugar
  • Those that spark development and reproduction
  • Those who stimulate cell reproduction

Together, these materials were named Biodynes.

Additional research at the University of Cininnati illustrated that biodynes could be expressed from heated yeast cells. The active ingredient has been isolated as a protein fraction comprising a mixture of peptides that were several one of which is.

Biodyne is considered to be biologically effective on skin cells. Clinical studies from the Cincinnati Burn Unit and Oregon University School of Medicine demonstrate that Biodyne speeds wound healing after a burn occurs.

Can LYCD alleviate puffy eyes?

Anecdotal evidence indicates that LYCD can help to alleviate puffy bags under the eyes, though not clinically proven. And a reduction wrinkles are reported by some people. Research will help consolidate these claims.

In the meantime, LYCD may be seen as a great way to get rid of puffy eyes with the use of Preparation H from Canada.

However as mentioned the US variant of preparation doesn't contain LYCD so it will not be effective for reducing puffy eyes.