Aerial view of warehouse outlet

A large part of what led to our developing was an understanding that there’s a growing need for North Americans to have more reliable and immediate access to healthcare products that are affordable. And while affordable, still come with the known quality of brands consumers will recognize and trust.


After all, a dollar doesn’t go nearly as far as it used to. We know that needing to find a better price on products is something that applies to most of us these days. is our way of sharing Quality Canadian products with the world. All our product is bought directly from Canadian Manufacturers and Wholesalers. Our products have long expiry dates and come in manufacturer sealed packaging. Let us know if you have something specific that you would like us to find and we will try our best to find it.


Ordering healthcare products from Canada just become a whole lot easier, and a significantly more affordable. That’s something we’re very happy to be able to make available to you, and we encourage you to visit us often to see what we’ve added to our variety of quality, priced-right products.