We offer 3 forms of shipping to customers:

  1. Standard
  2. Express
  3. Super Express


Standard Shipping rate is dependent on weight. Please see below the price/weight breakdown.

Standard does not include tracking, this means once the package is sent it in the hands of the shipping service. USPS is what is used in the USA and Canada Post is used in Canada. 

It typically takes 2-14 business days for orders to arrive. In case of special circumstances such as holidays, some packages may be delayed. Notify sales@canoutlet.com for any inquiries on packages.

Express Shipping/Super Express:

Express shipping rates are usually within 2-8 business days, and Super Express usually takes 2-7 business days. Business days mean Monday-Friday (excluding weekend). Orders will be sent out by 14:00 the same day if purchases are prior to that time, or sent out the following day. 

Express shipping rate depends on the quantity and weight of the product. Prices typically range from $12.00 - $16.00 (See below for weight/price breakdown).

With our tracking feature, customers will have the ability to track their order. An email will be sent to customers notifying of their unique tracking ID. It may take a bit of time before tracking is able to be viewed so it is best to give it 24 hours before checking. 

Please be sure to check your junk mail if you have trouble locating confirmation emails.

If you have any questions please feel free to let us know by contacting us at sales@canoutlet.com or by phone.

How to Track your Order:

To track your order, simply go to : https://www.canadapost.ca/web/en/home.page

From there type your tracking number in the following format: AA 999 999 999 AA

Follow any additional instructions provided. 

Tracking numbers provided from Canada Post can also be entered in regional post office tracking systems.

For example, the same Canada Post tracking number can be entered into the USPS tracking system and additional information about the deliver will be provided.


  • Orders reaching a certain quantity size may be subjected to additional shipping rates. Customer service will notify any customer which this applies to. These orders will be deemed 'special orders' and will receive additional attention. 
  • Due to our available shipping methods, the following regions can not be serviced: Puerto Rico, Army bases, Guam
  • The time a product is held in customs could vary so we ask customers to check on their tracking status regularly. At this point, we are unable to expedite the process further until it has cleared customs.
  • If a package has been returned to us and has been refused by the customer, resending the package will require the customer to pay for additional shipping.
  • Orders will be shipped to the assigned shipping address as per the order. Any requests to change the destination will require review and the customer must contact CanOutlet.
  • Orders may be subjected to a Cross Border fee which is associated with buying from an outside country. Fees may vary but are typically 0.40% and issued by the credit card company.

Theft or Undelivered Orders:

Customers who have not received their order upon receiving a delivery confirmation for tracked packages are advised to contact Canoutlet. The order will be looked into and the customer will be contacted.

Please be advised that packages delivered to outside mail boxes could be susceptible to theft. These packages are placed in the mail boxes and left unattended.

To avoid this, please change the shipping address to your local post office to ensure that your order is secure. Once the package is delivered to your location, you can claim it at the post office. 

Shipping Rates:
Shipping rates are based on the weight of the package:


Standard Shipping (Approximately 16 Business Days, NOT tracked)
(kg) Price (USD)
Weight Tier 0-0.499  $               14.00
0.5-.999  $               18.00
Tracked Package 8-10 Business days
Weight Tier 0-0.499  $            14.00
0.5-0.999  $            16.00
1-4.99  $            25.00
5-7.99  $            35.00
8-9.99  $            45.00
10-14.99  $            60.00
15-19.99  $            80.00
20-25  $          100.00
26-35  $          160.00
Expedited Package (4-6 Business Days, Tracked)
Weight Tier 0-0.499  $            16.00
0.5-0.999  $            18.00


Economy Shipping (2-4 Montns, NO Tracking)
(kg) Price (USD)
Weight Tier 0-0.299  $            12.00
0.3-0.499  $            23.00
0.5-0.999  $            40.00
Standard Shipping (2-4 weeks Tracked)
Weight Tier 0-0.299  $            25.00
0.3-0.499  $            35.00
0.5-0.999  $            40.00
1-1.999  $            45.00
2-2.99  $            55.00
3-20.00  $            80.00
Expedited Package (7 Business Days, Tracked)
Weight Tier 0-1.999  $          100.00
2-2.99  $          150.00
3-20.00  $          200.00