Preparation H with Biodyne Ointment 50g (1.76 oz)

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Canadian Preparation H with Biodyne Ointment 50 grams

Preparation H is manufactured by Pfizer and is used to treat hemorrhoids. Lately, the Canadian version contains the ingredient Biodyne (Bio-dyne).


Yeast as a live cell derivative (Bio-Dyne: Skin Respiratory Factor) 1.0%.

Non-medicinal ingredients:

Beeswax – Chlorhexidine – Fragrance – Lanolin – Mineral oil – Paraffin wax – Petrolatum – Water

Customer Reviews

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Stephen Rice
Preparation H with Biodyne Ointment

Ordered from Canada believing the product contained shark liver oil, which Prep H used to contain in US, worked very well, and my brother told me was still an ingredient in Canadian version. Apparently he is incorrect, given this oil is not listed among ingredients. Nonetheless, your ointment still works better than present-day US version. Last time I ordered from you 1 tube cream, 1 ointment. Ointment relieved itching better, so this time purchased 2 tubes of that. Expect that new tubes will perform as well as the 1 almost finished.

angela t
canada's prep H

works and will buy again...U.S. changed their ingredients and does not work anymore but this you buy here from Canoutlet is great!

like this product... preparation h biodyne

Used it last year in a bodybuilding competition show. it was quite effective. upcoming show in few weeks and giving preparation h another try.

This is Effective

In the 1970's I worked for the company, Sperti Drug Co., that created this formulation. II IS effective! It is also good for burns if treated immediately. Without the yeast cell extract, that we called "Procytoxid" (Bad name right?) it is NOT very effective. That is the reason for buying it from Canada - the American formulation removed it in the late 70's because it was impossible to prove which peptide was the active ingredient. Google "Peptides from live yeast cells stimulate wound healing" for more scientific info.

Judy S
Good Product, Good Size

Does exactly what it says on the package, value for money, 50 g size almost lasts a long time.