Bayer Myoflex Odour Free Regular Pain Relief Rub (100 g)

$9.99 USD
Bayer Myoflex Odour Free Regular Strength Pain Relief Rub provides deep penetrating pain relief. 
  • Odour free regular strength pain relief rub
  • It is an analgesic rub that actually penetrates deep into aching muscles and joints to deliver fast and effective pain relief to the site of the pain
  • It absorbs quickly without sticking to you or staining your clothes
  • Can be used for the temporary relief of arthritic or rheumatic pain, aches and pains of muscles and joints

From Canada.

Medicinal Ingredients:

Triethanolamine salicylate 10% w/w.


Cetyl alcohol, edetate disodium, lavender oil, propylene glycol, sodium lauryl sulphate, stearyl alcohol, white wax.