Buckley's Cough & Congestion Relief 100ml (3.4oz)

$10.50 USD

Get Canada's own Buckley's cough and congestion relief syrup. It truly does taste awful, but it definitely works.

Since 1919, Buckley's has provided fast cough, congestion, and minor bronchial irritation relief. Helps you get through the day or night, just a spoon of this and you can already feel it working.

Active Ingredients:

Potassium bicarbonate (267 mg), ammonium carbonate (153 mg), menthol (22 mg), camphor (2.2 mg).


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Rosemary McCormick
As advertised...it works!

This stuff tastes so bad, it scares the cough out of you! (Actually, it’s not quite as bad as some say. You get used to it.) It works better than anything I’ve tried before and my cough was very, very bad!

C. Machado
The best cough syrup ever.

I ran across this years ago in the Bahamas and my kids renamed it to "Toilet bowl cleaner." But it works and I use it. It burns soo good going down. Bought more when I was in Canada a couple years ago. About ready to order more.

Heidi O'Brien
Have to be dying to take it

Tastes like alpine breeze, cat box, ocean water, and Satan's nightmares. But feels soooo good going down.

Patricia Vance
Best stuff

Buckley's is simply the best cough control ever and there is nothing harmful in it. I think itscares your body into not coughing so you don't take anymore. I don't like to be without it

Donald Barner
The Best

I have never found anything that tastes as bad as this product, BUT, i have never found anything that works as good as Buckley's cough and congestion. T his is absolutley the best there is.