Buckley's Cough & Congestion Relief 200ml (6.75oz)

$15 USD

Get Canada's own Buckley's cough and congestion relief syrup. It truly does taste awful, but it definitely works.

Since 1919, Buckley's has provided fast cough, congestion, and minor bronchial irritation relief. It helps you get through the day or night, just a spoon of this and you can already feel it working.



Active Ingredients:

Potassium bicarbonate (267 mg), ammonium carbonate (153 mg), menthol (22 mg), camphor (2.2 mg).


Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Beverly D
You can count on Buckley to do the job

I believe in this product whole heartily,my grandma give this to me as a child . I Swear by Buckley for the last 50 years .

Vanessa b.
Dr feel better all the time!!

Just dam good, for whoever is ailing u, I will bet my life on it I need (4) bottles on this order, ASAP!!

Nigel Kingston
Buckley's is definitely the best

As far as I am concern the taste is excellent... just One tea spoon....

Christine Wimberly
Buckleys Is The Best

I was told about Buckleys cold & cough and it made me feel better in 1 day. This stuff is awesome I will never use another cough syrup on Buckleys.

Kecia Gellizeau
Hardest working cough medicine ever.

As a child and now as an adult. Buckley's will never let you down. It's no longer in stores here in the United States. But I've found it online. The cough and cold season is approaching here in NYC. And it will be needed. I've used it on my children for many years. My 27 year old son has a bad cough, he'll use it as soon as it arrives. Thank you.