Eroxon Stimgel (4 single dose tubes)

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A pioneer and gamechanger in erectile health, Eroxon® Stimgel offers a breakthrough new solution to male erectile problems.

Eroxon® Stimgel is an accessible treatment to all men that helps them take back control of their erections. It is effective, fast, easy to use, has an excellent safety profile and is available without prescription.
Welcome back your erections 
- to improve not only your sexual performance but also your quality of life.

We believe that erectile health is an important matter that can and should be addressed. A lot of men experience some form of erectile problem at one point in their lives, whether it be recurrent or occasional. Eroxon® StimGel was created to empower men to take action to restore their confidence and self-esteem.
Non-prescription treatment – topical gel application - Compatible with latex condoms and lubricants - 4 Single Dose Tubes

Whilst Eroxon is an effective product proven in clinical studies to work in the majority of men, Erectile Dysfunction is a very complex condition with many causes and like medicinal erectile treatments that are available on prescription or over-the-counter, Eroxon is not effective 100% of the time in all patients. We suggest you consult your doctor about alternative treatments that may work for you.

Each tube dispenses sufficient gel for a single dose, approximately 0.3ml; a pea-sized amount.

(1) It is recommended to have a check-up with a doctor within the first 6 months of using Eroxon to make sure that the erectile dysfunction is not the result of a serious health condition.
(2) As with all erection dysfunction treatments, sexual stimulation is necessary for Eroxon to work. Compatible with latex condoms and lubricants.

Customer Reviews

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Manny G
You don't need shoes to Run... However it HELPS!

Ordered couple weeks ago and the product arrived on time. All I can say it was amazing and worked quicker then the blue pill. Definitely put a kick in my step!

Cole P

I am so happy I finally found this product! Quick delivery time and great customer service. Can't wait to place my second order!

Manny K
That Gel Works!!

I recently purchased from CanOutLet and tried it over the weekend! All I can say is totally worth for the price and the outcome.

Bobby Hadvi

I heard about this product online and was happy to find it here.
It was quick to arrive and did the job :-)