Lever 2000 Original Body Wash 532ml

$6.99 USD

The Lever Original Body Wash is a classic scent that you know and love and will keep your skin smelling clean and fresh all day. It is great for all body parts and is even gentle enough to use on your face! To use, squeeze body wash into palm of hand and rub it in your hands to lather. Massage over your skin then rinse thoroughly. Washing with Lever 2000 Original Body Wash will give you a refreshing shower experience with just a light original classic scent, leaving your skin feeling refreshed and revived.

Use Lever 2000 Original Body Wash for a refreshingly clean shower experience.

• Taking refreshing shower or bath with the Lever 2000 body wash will leave your skin feeling soft and smooth as it cleanses
• Our body wash helps to eliminate body odor and gives you the thorough clean feel you crave with our clean rinsing formula
• Natural body wash which is great for the face and body
• The refreshing body wash you know and love is also available in Pure Rain, Cocoa Butter & Shea, and Mango Mandarin scents
• Refreshing body wash for healthier and smoother skin