Voltarol (Voltaren) Non Medicated Pain Relief Patches Heat Patch 2s

$12.99 USD

Voltarol Non Medicated Pain Relief Patches Heat Patch 2s

  • 2 patches
  • Non Medicated
  • For Pain Relieving Heat
  • Use for up to 8 hours

Suitable for

Adults and children over 12 years of age.

How to use

Please read enclosed leaflet carefully before use.

How does it work?

  • Tear open the sleeve, just before you are ready to use the heat patch. No shaking of the patch is necessary.
  • Remove the plastic backing then place the heat patch on the painful area, either the back, neck or shoulders, apply the adhesive onto dry clear skin.
  • Press firmly to make sure it is fixed correctly.
  • The heat patch starts to heat up after a few minutes of opening.
  • When you remove the heat patch, peel it off slowly from one corner.

Hazards and Cautions

What precautions should I take?

Talk to a doctor or pharmacist before using this product if you have any of the following conditions:

    • Poor circulation (e.g. due to heart failure)
    • Pregnancy
    • Nerve damage (e.g. loss of sensitivity due to diabetes)
    • Rhematoid Arthiritis
    • Skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis or very delicate or sensitive skin.

Talk to a doctor or pharmacist before using this product if you are elderly (over 65 years old) due to the higher risk of you having very delivate or sensitive skin.

Do not use while sleeping.
Do not lie on the heat patch, or apply pressure during use (e.g. use the patch under a belt or bandage). Heat patches have the potential to cause burns.

Stop use and consult a doctor or pharmacist if you experience any discomfort, burning, swelling, rash or other changes in your skin that persist where the heat patch is applied.

This heat patch contains iron. In case of injestion of the powder in the heat patch, seek medical attention immediately. In case the powder in the heat patch comes into contact with the eyes or skin, rinse abundantly with water and seek medical attention.

When should I avoid using the heat patch?
    • Do not use if you have previously had an allergic reaction to a heat patch.
    • Do not use on areas of skin where heat cannot be felt, or on damaged skin.
    • Do not use on children under 12 years of age or persons unable to remove the heat patch on their own.
    • Do not use on bruises or swellings within 48 hours of injury.

Do not use if one or both of the stickers sealing the ends of the carton are missing or have been broken.

Do not leave the heat patch on the same area of skin for more than 8 hours in any 24 hour period, and do not use more than one heat patch per day on the same area of skin.
The heat patch is for external use.
Stop use and contact your doctor if after seven days your pain gets worse or remains unchanged.
Do not use with other skin medications or other heat sources.
Do not attempt to reheat in the oven or microwave.
Do not cut, pierce or allow the patch to get wet.


This heat patch contains iron.